When the City Went Quiet is a story about a child’s emotional experience with  COVID-19 and the lessons she learned about supporting her community beyond herself.

“The author gives voice to those who may struggle with articulating their feelings during a pandemic or any bumps on the road. With empathy, com- passion, and yes some frustration, young Estelle learns valuable lessons that will serve throughout her life.”

~ Mary Jo Rakowski
Transformational Coach. Pensacola, Florida

“An excellent book for children, families, and school personnel to access helpful tools when experiencing challenging times. This book beautifully illustrates the importance of recognizing our shared humanity through social responsibility and empathy.”

~ Natalie Anderson
School Counselor. Vancouver, Washington

“I look forward to reading this book to my grandchildren, who are having a hard time understanding life curtailments caused by the pandemic. Good job, Solina!”

~ Don Brickmeyer
Retired teacher. San Diego, California

“This is great!! The story is strong and clear and touches the effects of the virus from a child’s perspective very well. I especially love the coping strategies at the end.“

~ Andrea Travisano
Learning Specialist. Portland, Oregon

Struggling to teach virtual classes to my students and help my wife home-school our son at the same time has been a challenge. When we shared this book with our child, who has had similar experiences to Estelle’s, it was like a light bulb came on. He got it! This is a must-read for every parent and teacher out there who is coping with Covid.

~ Greg Hartwood,
Elementary School Teacher. New York

“When the City Went Quiet sends a strong message in this time of pandemic and isolation. The illustrations are beautifully rendered and easy to identify with for young children. Doable strategies for coping, managing emotions, and using positive activity tips are all good tools for adults as well as children to manage this difficult time. It is so important for children to feel safe expressing all their
feelings to understanding adults.”

~ Carol A. Bucy, MSW, BSN
Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Retired pediatric nurse. Montrose, Colorado

“When The City Went Quiet is a timely and helpful narrative for children to reflect on how their own lives changed due to Covid-19 and the pandemic. The author provides tools and tips to support children, their teachers, and families in identifying and processing their emotions and helps children develop the coping skills needed for now and the future.”

~ Stephanie Amato, LCSW, CMHS
Child Mental Health Specialist. Vancouver, Washington

When the City Went Quiet speaks to all of us, but most importantly to the children facing changes in their daily lives brought about by COVID 19.  This well-written and insightful book is a useful tool to facilitate discussions and activities for youngsters living through COVID 19 times.

 ~ Wendy Morgan Burrell
Elementary School Teacher. Montrose, Colorado

Battle Ground assistant principal writes book about coping with COVID-19

Solina Adelson-Journey uses inspiration from working inside schools to help parents, teachers and students deal with emotions

[The Reflector | October 19, 2020 | Cameron Kast]

As schools were shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic last March, Solina Adelson-Journey began to see the difficulties students, families and faculty were having in regards to dealing with the crisis. As the assistant principal at Daybreak Primary School in Battle Ground, Adelson-Journey had “tough conversations” with parents, students and faculty alike about the hardships families were enduring. [Read story]

Vancouver woman processes pandemic by writing children’s book inspired by coronavirus. Educator in Battle Ground school district says her book ‘opens up conversations’

[The Columbian | October 25, 2020 |Wyatt Stayner]
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Illustrator, Julie Dee, Left, and author, Solina-Adelson-Journey, with their book “When the City Went Quiet.” Photo Alisha Juvecic, for the Columbian.

Solina Adelson-Journey, 37, felt catharsis kick in when she started writing. On a summer night, with her two young kids tucked into bed, Adelson-Journey pumped out a first draft of a children’s book in about three hours, inspired by the coronavirus pandemic.

That first draft turned into a children’s book, When the City Went Quiet. The book explores the pandemic from a kid’s point of view, said Adelson-Journey, who lives in Vancouver and is an assistant principal in the Battle Ground Public Schools district. …

… Along with the help of Kathryn Burke at San Juan Publishing Group, based in Colorado, Adelson-Journey was able to sell 100 copies of the books in the first two weeks of its release.

In addition to the narrative story of Estelle and her mother navigating the pandemic, the book also offers coping techniques to families, who are struggling with more isolated lives. Adelson-Journey said she struggled with loneliness and being overwhelmed during the first few months of the pandemic. “This book is a resource to help parents and educators as a way to talk. It opens up conversations,” she said. “I wrote it to help the kids, but it’s helping families.”

[Read story]